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Adam Kaller

Adam's path to success was anything but linear.  He was born in Flint, Michigan as one of four children.  His father, a physician, foreseeing their town's economic collapse brought on by the closure of the General Motors truck plant, moved the family to Yorba Linda, California during Adam's 8th grade year.  Adam was a competitive swimmer from a young age, but in California he discovered water polo and began playing for his high school and then as a walk-on at the University of Southern California, where he earned a degree in business and finance.  He also met his wife, Dana, there.  
He attended Whittier College School of Law and began his career as a commercial litigator.  Adam loved going to court and being a trial attorney, but the combative, winner-takes-all nature of that practice and the billable hours business model ultimately caused him to pivot.  In addition to being a serial entrepreneur (from selling clothing and novelty items to automotive detailing) he had always been passionate about movies and decided to embark on a mission to break into that business.    
Adam lacked experience, contacts and opportunities and could not secure a job at one of the handful of elite boutique law firms, so he inserted himself into the business by offering free legal services to artists in an effort to gain experience and clients.  He trained himself, for the most part, reading books, pouring over sample contracts, asking for guidance from any person that would take the time to teach him and enrolling in extension classes.  That strategy proved successful and Adam got his first break when he was hired by the entertainment law firm Behr & Abramson.  In a little under 3 years, that firm became Behr, Abramson, Kaller.  Over the next several years, he continued to grow his business representing actors, directors, writers and producers in film and television. 
In 2008, Adam took another big risk by leaving his partners and friends and the security of the familiar to join leading entertainment law firm, Hansen Jacobson.  Two years later, he was made an equity partner and his name was added to the firm's title.  

In 2010, Adam started representing content creators on YouTube and then segued into Vine, Instagram, Twitch and Tik Tok as those platforms evolved. As a pioneer in this emerging area, Adam took a significant market share of the talent and today represents many of the most important influencers in the world.  The natural progression from that type of representation was into the world of start-ups, where he reignited his entrepreneurial torch as an investor, advisor, founder, board member and representative of numerous direct-to-consumer businesses (like Chamberlain Coffee, Cloak apparel, Wood Elf Media, Maverick clothing and Euka).
In 2016, Adam saw the building wave of podcasting and began representing premiere talent in that space.  He now represents some of the best podcasting companies and talent in the world and has made some of the biggest deals ever reported.
In 2021, Adam began pushing into Web 3.0, NFTs and other blockchain driven businesses and plans to lead deal making in these areas as well.
Year after year, Adam has been selected by the Hollywood Reporter as one of its "Power Lawyers" (a list of the best and brightest in the Hollywood legal community).  The publication has consistently highlighted the diversity and uniqueness of his practice.

Charitable giving and community outreach are an essential part of his personal and professional life. One of Adam and Dana's children suffered from epilepsy and that drove him deeply into philanthropy. Since 2013, he has been an avid fundraiser and active member of the Epilepsy Foundation where he served on the national board of directors, as well as the board of the Los Angeles Chapter. In 2023, he was honored by the Saban Community Clinic for his contributions and support of the clinic’s mission to provide healthcare to those in need.
Adam is an avid skier and adventure seeker and believes deeply in the power of the human will.  He credits his success to a relentless work ethic, flexible and adaptive strategies, positivity, a commitment to community and family, healthy competitiveness and the strength he derives from an all-star team of colleagues, partners, associates and support staff.  He plans to continue to push the envelope in talent representation and business ideation for many, many years to come.
University of Southern California, BS
Whittier College School of Law, JD

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